Actions are the primary resource to integrate your cloud services into an event, by default it must be attached to an Event Filter. Actions allow you to perform an insert into a database, call an external API, charge a Credit Card in Stripe without writing a single line of code or having to deploy a cloud server.

Filters support multiple actions; use the add:action command to create actions.

Service Accounts

Adding a new action requires you to select a service account that you have already integrated within the platform. Click on the New Service Account button if you have a new service and wishes to integrate it,

Service Actions

After selecting where to send your messages, you need to inform how to do it. Check the add:action command to create actions.


Wildcards allow you to set values in any service action configuration fields dynamically; it's content changes according to the event model payload. Setting a wildcard is easy, put the model property key under brackets and it replaces when processed.

Parallel Execution

Don't worry about having performance issues by adding a lot of actions and filters to your event, because they all run in parallel, which means boosted performance.

If you have two actions, one to insert a record into a PostgreSQL database and SET a key into a Redis instance, they both run asynchronously and in parallel, check this flow example:

The execution flow looks like this:

In this example, upon receiving a New Customer Event, the platform executed two actions in parallel. PostgreSQL took 120 Milliseconds to complete, but Redis took 15 milliseconds and was finished first, so we ignore it in the calculation of the total processing time.

The event performance depends only on your cloud services availability and scaling capability.

Live and Test Environments

Our platform seamlessly supports live and test environments, when adding a new service account you'll be asked for the credentials of both environments. When you make an authenticated request to the event the environment used is automatically selected according to the authentication credentials type.


Actions are in charge of doing all the work of connecting to a cloud service, due to parallel processing you can add as many filters and actions as you want in an event without worrying about performance. We implemented all the cloud service integrations and actions using high-performance code so you can focus on building your product.